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Rating : 9.4 / 10 78 reviews.

Canada Paris Shuttle 5 Rick
Published 5 years and 7 month and 6 days 2018-11-16


I recently used the Paris Shuttle service and found it to be very efficient and professional.

Australia Paris Shuttle 5 Mark spencer
Published 5 years and 8 month and 5 days 2018-10-18


My wife an i found Paris Shuttle to be very helpful and very organized, very professional. Thanks Mark

Brazil Paris Shuttle 5 Brasileiros
Published 5 years and 8 month and 21 days 2018-10-02

Sempre Parishuttle

Já usei diversas vezes o Parishuttle, sempre eficientes e pontuais.

Spain Paris Shuttle 5 Bernal
Published 5 years and 11 month and 27 days 2018-06-28

Lo volveria a contratar

Es lo mejor en un viaje porque te despreocupas de todo nada mas que llegas al aeropuerto ya te estan esperando y te llevan al hotel y después igual te recojen en tu hotel y te llevan al terminal que te corresponde del aeropuerto todo super bien buena compañía lo recomiendo

South Africa Paris Shuttle 5 Anja
Published 6 years and 6 month and 14 days 2017-12-08


Great service, very reasonable prices. If I go to Paris again, I will definitely use their service again and I will recommend them to anyone.

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Julie H.
Published 6 years and 6 month and 27 days 2017-11-25

Perfect experience!

Our experience with Paris Shuttle was amazing and I will recommended this company to my friends traveling to Paris. Everything went as it was supposed to, and we didn’t even have to confirm our 6:15am pickup back to CDG. Our drivers were kind, amiable and punctual, and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Argentina Paris Shuttle 5 Carlos
Published 6 years and 11 month and 21 days 2017-07-04

Excelente servicio

Nos recogieron a horario en el CDG y a la vuelta pasaron por el hotel a la hora indicada y con una van para nosotros solos. Por mi experiencia es sumamente recomendable.

Argentina Paris Shuttle 3 MdQ
Published 7 years and 19 days 2017-06-01


En el mes de Octubre 2016, solicitamos la contratación de una unidad para trasladarnos hasta CDG., y luego de varias llamadas, pudimos contactarnos .. ( nos argumentaban mucho transito....)
Angustiados, preocupados, viendo la aproximación de la salida de nuestro vuelo.
Próxima vez, PENSARE si vuelvo a solicitar dicho servicio.-

United Kingdom Paris Shuttle 5 Lorraine Quinn
Published 7 years and 2 month and 6 days 2017-04-15

Highly recommended

Highly recommend this company, had a problem with our pick up to return to the airport, partly our own fault, no questions asked they just sorted the problem out and got us to the airport on time

Argentina Paris Shuttle 4 vago
Published 7 years and 3 month and 2 days 2017-03-20


Excelente servicio, viajamos comodos

Argentina Paris Shuttle 4 Alba
Published 7 years and 5 month and 8 days 2017-01-13


Viajamos 2 personas el 2 de marzo a Orly, si reservamos ahora, como ubicamos el shuttle que nos corresponde una vez que salimos del aeropuerto?

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Marissa
Published 7 years and 6 month and 1 day 2016-12-21

Excellent and Timely Service

I requested a private pick up and drip off at CDG in Paris. This company was kind, courteous, and prompt. Worth every penny. Drivers are friendly and knowledgeable about the best/quickest route to take and get you to your desired location without any problems. I am very thankful for their excellent service. To note when you are filling out the request form, give yourself at least 30 extra minutes from the time you land to get through customs/immigration and pickup luggage then put that time on the pick up form. Highly recommended.

Peru Paris Shuttle 5 Menendez
Published 7 years and 9 month and 3 days 2016-09-20


Hola Me gustaria saber si me pueden recoger del aeropuerto de Charles de Gaulle y llevarme a Hotel Saint Georges Lafallete el 28 de diciembre y la vuelta el 2 de enero.
asi mismo sabes si tienes tarifas a Eurodisney.
Espero sus comentarios.

Peru Paris Shuttle 5 Mendoza
Published 7 years and 9 month and 9 days 2016-09-14


Viajo por primera vez a Paris..

United Kingdom Paris Shuttle 5 Bostocks
Published 8 years and 16 days 2016-06-04


Excellent company.. Reliable, friendly, helpful. Would definitely recommend and use ourselves again. Thankyou

Spain Paris Shuttle 5 RG
Published 8 years and 27 days 2016-05-24

Servicio Excelente

El mejor dinero invertido cuando eres nuevo en la ciudad
Por un lado las personas que gestionan el correo electrónico de la empresa mientras realizas la reserva: Rapidez en contestar, la amabilidad y la paciencia para resolver las dudas y preguntas realizadas.
Por otro lado la amabilidad de las personas que nos recogieron en París, la puntualidad, la limpieza y el estado de los vehículos.
Servicio Excelente!!!

Canada Paris Shuttle 5 Roberto
Published 8 years and 29 days 2016-05-22


May 18 Paris Shuttle were there to pick us up at CDG even though our flight was late and a further delay at the airport for security reasons. We left Paris a day early because of a threatened Air Traffic Controllers strike. Paris Shuttle was able to handle all our delays and changes with ease and provided excellent drivers, Nero and Florian. Excellent service!

United Kingdom Paris Shuttle 3 Carol
Published 8 years and 1 month and 6 days 2016-05-15

Excellent but ........

I prebooked this to pick up at CDG and then return after a weekend at Disney. All great with the exception that they wanted to pick us up 4 hours before our flight so we sat at the airport for over 3 hours and then flight was delayed a further 30 minutes. CDGAirport has nothing at terminal 2D. Tip for Paris shuttle. Sometimes you don't need to pick people up that early. We were already checked in with only hand luggage

Argentina Paris Shuttle 5 Nuñez
Published 8 years and 1 month and 17 days 2016-05-04


Es el mejor servicio para que te garquen, no duden en contratarlo si quieres que te cogan de parado, ni soñar que te reintegren tu dinero después de que te rompan el tuges

United Kingdom Paris Shuttle 5 DorothyS
Published 8 years and 1 month and 28 days 2016-04-23

Excellent Service

Travelled from CDG to Paris City. Slightly later through Border Control, the driver was welcoming, courteous & professional. Return journey was equally agreeable, with a lovely driver picking us up punctually at least 5 minutes before time & giving us lots of interesting and useful information for our next visit. Will definitely use your service again, next time in Paris. Thank you.

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Burke
Published 8 years and 2 month and 6 days 2016-04-15

Super Fantastic!!!

I reserved a round trip transfer for 4 adults from CDG Airport to our Paris hotel in April, 2016. I am mobility challenged and due to a foul up by Delta Airlines and Air France, I was stranded at the airport for @ 1.5 hours waiting on wheelchair assistance. During the long wait for assistance, I called Paris Shuttle several times to update them on my situation. Each time I called, the representative told me not to worry and that a driver would be there for me when I was ready to leave the airport. After I eventually got wheelchair assistance and was ready to leave the airport, I called Paris Shuttle. A professional, well dressed driver was there in less than 5 minutes and drove us safely to our hotel.

Fearing the worst from the airlines, I called Paris Shuttle the evening prior to my return flight back to the USA. I explained my ordeal upon arrival and asked if I could get picked up an hour earlier than scheduled. The representative said yes and on the morning of our departure a well dressed professional driver was there for us at the requested time and drove us safely to the airport. I can highly recommend this Paris Shuttle company to anyone in need of transportation services in or around Paris!!!

Argentina Paris Shuttle 5 Ghio
Published 8 years and 2 month and 17 days 2016-04-04


Nos trasladamos del aeropuerto a mi hotel y todo perfecto muy amables tanto alex y abel nos fueron contando detalles de la ciudad,el día que regrese seguro los contrataría. Otro gran detalle trataron de entender nuestro idioma y se esforzaban para hablar como nosotros lo cual lo hacían muy pero muy bien

Isle of Man Paris Shuttle 5 Jarvis
Published 8 years and 4 month and 11 days 2016-02-10

Fantasic Courteous Service

My wife and I booked a return service from Orly to Paris and then Paris to CDG with a private car. The drivers were very polite and helpful. On arrival the driver was waiting with a sign ready to go. We left very early from Paris to go to CDG and must have got the best driver eve. He was dead on time, very cheerful and extremely helpful. On the way there was accident that had just occurred on the motorway, heaps of emergency vehicles flying by. You could see the tail lights building up in the distance, but our driver quick as a flash found a new route and totally bypassed the problem and had us at the airport just as quickly as if we had taken the motorway. Can't recommend highly enough and would definitely use them again.

Ireland Paris Shuttle 5 ken from cork ireland
Published 8 years and 7 month 2015-11-23


I would certainly use them again driver was very courteous and helpful 10 out off 10

Australia Paris Shuttle 5 Phil
Published 8 years and 8 month and 13 days 2015-10-11

Excellent Service

I arrange for Paris CBD pickup with delivery to CDG for a 11.50am flight - it was on time and the driver was very courteous. The van was very comfortable and I would certainly use them again.

Spain Paris Shuttle 5 david garcia
Published 8 years and 10 month and 1 day 2015-08-24

ida y vuelta para dos personas

hola, estoy, mirando para reservar el paris shuttle, me interesaria para dos personas, recogia en charles de golle y que me llevan al hotel y 4 dias despues la inversa, que me recojan en el hotel y me lleven al aeropuerto. cuanto seria el coste total para dos personas de ida y dos de vuelta?. segun la web indica 37.50 pero no se si se refiere a la ida y lo mismo la vuelta o en total.

espero su respuesta.


United Kingdom Paris Shuttle 5 Andrew Bramwell
Published 8 years and 10 month and 6 days 2015-08-19

Excellent service.

What fantastic service, flight from Luton was delayed on the runway due to a storm, made a quick call from the plane only to discover I had provided the wrong pick up date. Dispatch were brilliant, not only changing the collection date but also arranging for a driver to pick us up at short notice.
When we arrived at CDG 22.40 local time there was a message on my phone to say that they had monitored our flight, knew we had landed and the driver would be about 20 minutes (just time to collect our luggage). Their office closes at 21.00 and the despatcher provided his personal phone number in case there was a problem. Driver should have finished at 22.00 but stayed on to help us, he was very professional, courteous and spoke good English. I would highly recommend this company.

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Wendell Waybright
Published 8 years and 10 month and 20 days 2015-08-05

Very Reliable Service

I have used Paris Shuttle on four occasions as a Private Shuttle. Each time we were picked up on time and were treated courteously. The van was clean and roomy. I would highly recommend them.

New Zealand Paris Shuttle 5 RaewynH
Published 8 years and 11 month and 6 days 2015-07-20


Our driver was friendly, could understand English, and tho a few minutes late, apologised and drove us efficiently to our hotel door. She found a phone one of us had left in her car and made sure it was delivered to our hotel, even though we were happy to go to their office. (Early June)

United States Paris Shuttle 4 David
Published 8 years and 11 month and 11 days 2015-07-15


This is a great value. We use the private service. Driver was very professional. Car was clean.

United Kingdom Paris Shuttle 5 Jacqui
Published 9 years and 6 days 2015-06-15

Brilliant Service

We arrived to find our driver waiting for us with a big smile. The transport was lovely - clean and comfortable. Our return journey was just as efficient. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending this company.

Uruguay Paris Shuttle 5 BOERR GRACIELA
Published 9 years and 12 days 2015-06-09

Traslado compartido

Pensamos llegar a París en setiembre, queremos saber si en el traslado compartido de Orly a París nos llevan a Montmartre a nuestro alojamiento. Muchas gracias,aguardamos respuesta

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Donna
Published 9 years and 14 days 2015-06-07

Excellent Service

We booked roundtrip shuttle service to and from our hotel in Paris. The driver was waiting for us as expected with a clean, safe vehicle large enough for the 4 of us traveling. When our return flight was changed, the response to our email about a new return time was prompt. For that return, the driver arrived at our hotel 5 minutes early and got us to the airport right on time. We knew up front what the cost would be so there weren't any taxi fare surprises. I would highly recommend this service to anyone traveling to and from Paris airport.

France Paris Shuttle 5 celine
Published 9 years and 1 month and 4 days 2015-05-18

A recommander ++

Nous avons fait un voyage à PARIS ce week-end. ORLY-DISNEYLAND.
Chauffeur à l'heure à l'aller et au retour.
Société à recommander

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Benedetta Lambert
Published 9 years and 1 month and 5 days 2015-05-17

Good Experience

We booked a private car from CDG as this was our first trip to Paris. Although our flight was delayed 2+ hours, all I did was send an email with this information & the driver was waiting for us when we arrived. on the return to the airport, there was a bit of a delay due to rush hour traffic but a call to the dispatch informed us of the status & revised arrival time. Both drivers were polite & professional.

Panama Paris Shuttle 5 jorge moreno
Published 9 years and 1 month and 29 days 2015-04-23


servicios en Paris.

Switzerland Paris Shuttle 5 Christel
Published 9 years and 2 month and 9 days 2015-04-13

Chauffeur Philippe

Nous tenions à vous remercier... vous êtes un chauffeur très agréable et souriant! Vous nous avez fait éviter un tunnel en feu ainsi que 2 heures de bouchon ce qui nous a permis d'arriver à l'heure à l'aéroport!!!
Encore merci se fut un agréable moment en votre compagnie!!!
Christel Haenni

Spain Paris Shuttle 3 Luis
Published 9 years and 2 month and 16 days 2015-04-06

Bueno, pero con detalles negativos

Acabamos de llegar de Paris, contratamos el servicio Orly-Paris-Orly, destacar que son atentos y superpuntuales. La pega es que te recogen casi 4 horas antes de tu vuelo y por mas que solicité una recogida más tarde, no atendieron nuestra solicitud. No repetiré y menos ahora que sé que hay otros que ofrecen este servicio y mas barato.

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Jillian
Published 9 years and 2 month and 28 days 2015-03-25

Easy and WORTH IT!

Booked a roundtrip shared shuttle between CDG and where we were staying in Paris. Arranging pick up and drop off could not have been easier. Made life so much easier. Door to door service was exceptional and the drivers were courteous and ON TIME! Definitely recommend. Great value for money.

Kuwait Paris Shuttle 5 Mohammad
Published 9 years and 3 month and 4 days 2015-03-19

# 1

I used the private service January 2015 and it is tottally recommended. Do not hastle to look for honest taxi. Do not worry about taxi tariff and long drive. I like how panctual driver is. Actually I arrived to the airport one hour early and they manage a driver right away in the spot. Friendly and helpful gentleman. New, clean and nice car. Keep up the good work. I will see you in my next visit for sure. I am passing the good word to my family and friends.

Portugal Paris Shuttle 5 Melissa
Published 9 years and 3 month and 10 days 2015-03-13

Great service

I want to thank you for the excelent service. The drivers were very Nice, friendly, professional. for sure i Will use again your Services and we Will recommend you to friends and family.
Thanks again

South Africa Paris Shuttle 5 Ilze
Published 9 years and 3 month and 11 days 2015-03-12


Great, dependable service we have used on many occasions.

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Richard
Published 9 years and 3 month and 11 days 2015-03-12

Great Job

My wife and I just returned from Paris, and I MUST send a review for the great job done by your company. On arrival our driver did not arrive at the specified 15 minutes and the return call said the driver was in some traffic but was in the airport. He arrived some 30 minutes after my first call and the traffic that day was very bad. On return I got a call the night before confirming my pick up time for 6:45. The driver arrived at exactly 6:45. Both drivers were polite, efficient, and very helpful. This was our 3rd time using Paris Shuttle, and if we are fortunate to return, I would use them again!

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Jose
Published 9 years and 3 month and 15 days 2015-03-09


I took your private shuttle service for a roundtrip from CDG to my hotel in St. Germain des Pres. Your driver was waiting for us when we arrived at CDG Airport, and picked us at the indicated time the day we returned. The service was excellent and the drivers very professional. I will certainly use your services again my next time in Paris and will recommend you to all my friends who visit this beautiful city.

Portugal Paris Shuttle 5 Angela
Published 9 years and 4 month 2015-02-22


Serviço pontual, motoristas super simpáticos e atenciosos.
Recomendo !

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Jacki J.
Published 9 years and 4 month and 12 days 2015-02-09

Great service!

My husband and I want to thank you for your prompt and professional service. We scheduled a round trip service; the person at the other end of our initial phone call gave us great information, and the driver was careful; he even knew that our street was one way!
On Sunday, promptly at 6:30 am, our pick up driver was right there, and we got to the airport with plenty of time.

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Earl Bagley
Published 9 years and 4 month and 12 days 2015-02-09


Thank you so much.Your service was excellent.
Will use again and highly recommend to others.

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Kristine Yasutake
Published 9 years and 4 month and 12 days 2015-02-09

thanks very much

Thanks very, very much for all your help, Mark and Vanessa. It's always a pleasure doing business with Paris Shuttle.

Best regards,
Kristine Yasutake

United States Paris Shuttle 5 dale fuller
Published 9 years and 4 month and 12 days 2015-02-09


Bon Jour
I was extremely impressed with your service and will be sure to pass on your name to the rest of our staff here at Covington Travel

Dale Fuller

India Paris Shuttle 5 Monia Kapoor
Published 9 years and 4 month and 12 days 2015-02-09

thank you

Dear Mr. Mark,

Greetings !!

I would like to thank you for the services, provided to me & my family in Paris. It's a beautiful city i would love to come back to . We were very happy with the transfers provided by your company & would always use them for all our requirements for Paris.

Do let me know, if you have any plans of comming to India, It would also be a pleasure !!

Warm regards,

Monia Kapoor

Mexico Paris Shuttle 5 Antonio medina
Published 9 years and 5 month and 26 days 2014-12-27

Excelente servicio

Al llegar a CDG, ya me estaban esperando, el personal muy amable y atento, me recogieron para el regreso muy puntuales y sin ningún inconveniente, muy recomendable el servicio, en mi próxima visita no dudare en o contratar el envicio nuevamente.


United States Paris Shuttle 5 Andrea Kulju
Published 9 years and 6 month and 11 days 2014-12-12

thank you

I have been meaning to send you this email, but I am a little slow in getting it to you.

I just want Parishuttle to know what a great job you all do.
The people that work the phones are so helpful and the drivers are great. I have used Parishuttle in the past and I have never been disappointed. I always know that I will be picked up promptly at the airport on arrival and that I will be picked up on time for the departure flight.

Thank you so much for the excellent service and for always making me feel comfortable and safe with my travels.

Please keep up the good work and I hope to be contacting you again for my trip next fall.


Andrea Kulju

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Bontiveron Leonard
Published 9 years and 6 month and 11 days 2014-12-12

excellent service

My name is Bontiveron Leonard.
I want to compliment your company and the van driver for the excellent service during the 5:00am pickup from the Lenox Montparnasse Hotel to CDG airport on Sunday. We arrived safely at JFK airport, New York.

My daughter and I loved our stay in your country and look forward to our next visit.

I would like to personally thank the van driver for his courtesy and professionalism, but unfortunately I did not get his name. Would you please provide me his name so that I can send him a personal Thank You at your address.

Thank You,

Bontiveron Leonard, MBA

Argentina Paris Shuttle 3 Haimovich
Published 9 years and 6 month and 12 days 2014-12-11

Booking confirmation

I booked transfer form Charles de Gaulle to Paris. Invoice PS101344 Booking FRA384414

United Kingdom Paris Shuttle 5 Sandra
Published 9 years and 6 month and 19 days 2014-12-04

Thank you


Just wanted to "thank you" once again for your reliable service picking me up in Paris going to CDG. Your driver was there right on time and is a very nice and courteous man! I have recommended your company to others as I am so pleased with your service!

Thank you and see you next time I am in Paris.

Kind regards,
Sandra McCarthy

Mexico Paris Shuttle 2 Francia
Published 9 years and 6 month and 21 days 2014-12-02

Very Dissapointed

I am very disappointed with my first experience with his service. I called upon arrival and after advising that it was going to be 35 minutes since driver was in traffic it took them almost an hour and a half to finally send another driver to pick me up.

Dear Francia
We apologise for the inconvenience . Our customer service team will be contacting you today to refund your arrival transfer and to upgrade your departure . Our driver was delayed by circumstances beyound our control .
thanks for your support

Parishuttle Customer service team
Canada Paris Shuttle 5 Joe
Published 9 years and 6 month and 22 days 2014-12-01

Friendly and Reliable Service

I used Parishuttle for my business trip to Paris last month. The shuttles arrived on time and got me to and from my hotel without any problems. Both drivers were very friendly and helpful. I would certainly use this service again and recommend it to others.

Ireland Paris Shuttle 5 Yvonne Finney
Published 9 years and 6 month and 29 days 2014-11-24

thank you so much

Good Morning Mark: Just wanted to thank you and everyone at Parishuttle. Shuttle arrived on time and journey back to the airport was great. Would not hesitate to use you again on our next trip to Paris and recommend to all our friends and associates. Thanks again.


Yvonne Finney

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Lauren Pittwood
Published 9 years and 6 month and 29 days 2014-11-24

Thank you

Dear Katie,

I cannot thank you enough for your help in solving my parents' dilemma having left the details for their apartment in the shuttle bus. I am pleased to let you know that they have now arrived, safe and sound.

I am so impressed with the service I received from you on spending the time to track down all of the information they required from the driver to access their apartment. Your diligence and helpfulness made an impossible situation bearable for my elderly parents.

I will certainly recommend your shuttle service to anyone travelling to Paris and offer you my deepest gratitude for your fabulous service.

Thank you again.

Kind regards,
Lauren Pittwood

France Paris Shuttle 5 Jeanine Leibowitch
Published 9 years and 6 month and 29 days 2014-11-24

chauffeur Slim


Je voulais vous dire a quel point j’ai ete satisfaite de votre servive, de la gentillesse et de la patience du chauffeur Slim.

Pour la 1e fois de ma vie, j’etais tres en retard lorsqu’il est arrive, il ne s’est pas enerve (les autres clients non plus), m’a aide a porter mes valises, m’a meme reconfortee. Je me sentais vraiment mal de le faire attendre ainsi.

Je vous remercie et vous recontacterai a mon prochain voyage en France. J’espere que tous vos chauffeurs sont ainsi.

Jeanine Leibowitch

Paris Shuttle 4 terry miller
Published 9 years and 6 month and 29 days 2014-11-24


hi, i have returned from my holiday and i would just like to comment on your service, both journeys the drivers were on time, helpful and extremely polite, i would certainly recommend your service and use it again,

many thanks

T Miller

France Paris Shuttle 4 Laurence
Published 9 years and 7 month and 5 days 2014-11-18

Très bon service !

Nous tenons à vous remercier pour la prestation d'hier. Notre chauffeur était ponctuel et très serviable. Nous ne manquerons pas de faire appel à vous lors de notre prochaine visite à Paris.

Laurence Martel

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Bernadette & Alex Petersen
Published 9 years and 7 month and 5 days 2014-11-18

thank you

Hi Mark

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful service we received re our transfers to and from the airport during our recent holiday in Paris, I will highly recommend you to others as I work in the hotel industry.

Kind regards

Bernadette & Alex Petersen

Spain Paris Shuttle 2 BOMBIN GARCIA MARTA
Published 9 years and 7 month and 5 days 2014-11-18


El dia 26 de Septiembre use su servicio para un traslado desde el aeropuerto CDG A Paris. Ninguna queja salvo que el conductor hizo una parada para coger gasolina. En un servicio de este tipo eso se tiene que tener previsto, porque no es un gran recorrido, aquí empleamos unos diez minutos. Creo que innecesarios en una buena planificación. Gracias.

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Tracy Boyd
Published 9 years and 7 month and 5 days 2014-11-18

vip service

I would just like to thank-you for your excellent service. My husband had his wallet containing credit cards, driving licence and money stolen on the Metro an hour before we were due to be picked up. A phone call to yourselves 15 mins before we were due to picked up to delay our pick up by one hour allowed him time to get his police report to allow us to claim this back on our travel insurance.

I will certainly recommend your service to our friends and family.

One thing, your telephone number quoted below +33 153 39 1818 I was unable to call from mine or my husbands mobile telephones, I had to get the receptionist at our hotel to dial the number on their landlines for me – don’t know if the restriction is with my phone or something else. The receptionist tried to dial the freephone number first but it was dead.

Thanks again

Tracy Boyd

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Allen Halber
Published 9 years and 7 month and 5 days 2014-11-18

superb service

We just returned to New York and wanted to tell you that Paris Shuttle exceeded our expectations in all ways.
Your drivers were very professional and personable. We were met on time, and returned to the airport on time.
Great service!
We will not hesitate to recommend Paris Shuttle to our friends and associates.
Thanks again.

Allen and Betty

Canada Paris Shuttle 4 Carol Busseau
Published 9 years and 7 month and 5 days 2014-11-18

thank you

thank you for your excellent service!
Carol Busseau

Armenia Paris Shuttle 5 Pota
Published 9 years and 7 month and 6 days 2014-11-17


i like this shuttle service

Sri Lanka Paris Shuttle 5 Maaluwa
Published 9 years and 7 month and 7 days 2014-11-16



I Would Like To Thank You To ParisHuttle For Safely Transfering Me & My Friend To The Place We Want. For Sure We Will Use It Again. Recommended.

Thank You.

Australia Paris Shuttle 5 Anne West
Published 9 years and 7 month and 19 days 2014-11-04



I would like to thank your company for their wonderful service, particularly our driver.

We had a lot of problems with our prebooked apartment and if it wasn't for the driver we would have been stranded in a city we didn't know, without a phone or any knowledge on how to find where we were supposed to be at 10.00pm.

I don't know the drivers name but he was of Indian origin I believe, please thank him for us, he truly is one of the most professional and helpful people we have ever met on a holiday. He is an asset to your organisation!

Thank you again, I will be highly recommending your company on our travel blog and Facebook.



United Kingdom Paris Shuttle 5 Michael Davidson
Published 9 years and 7 month and 19 days 2014-11-04


Please thank your driver.

Yesterday afternoon Paris city centre was grid-locked and we were in danger of being late for our flights.

However, your driver was very professional and tried numerous routes and made every effort to get us there on time.

Merci beaucoup

Michael Davidson

Paris Shuttle 5 André Phillip Franco
Published 9 years and 7 month and 19 days 2014-11-04

my transfer

Hello Ami,

Saturday I arrived in Paris CDG, and the Paris Shuttle picked me up.

I just want to congratulate you for the fantastic service. The driver was very nice, the bus was clean and the service was organized, without any complication. Was easy to schedule it and was easy to use it.

Nice service and good costumer relationship is always important at your business.

For sure I'll use it again and will recommend it.

Best regards,

André Phillip Franco.

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Susanna Starcevic
Published 9 years and 7 month and 23 days 2014-10-31


Dear Parishuttle,

I wanted to thank you for such professional service for our ride to CDG on 12 January. You were prompt and courteous and reasonably priced, and your driver Ali was terrific. I will be sure to recommend you to any friends and family who are traveling to Paris.
Susanna Starcevic
San Diego, California

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Barry Fitzgerald
Published 9 years and 7 month and 24 days 2014-10-30

Thank you

Just a quick note to say thankyou for such a good service that you supplied. There were no problems at all and both drivers were very professional and helpful. We would definitely use yourselves again and would have no problem recommending you to anyone in the future.
Many Thanks once again,

Canada Paris Shuttle 4 Chris Brunet
Published 9 years and 7 month and 24 days 2014-10-30

great service

An excellent start to our trip .Robin our driver was ready and waiting for us with a smile .

United Kingdom Paris Shuttle 4 Eliza
Published 9 years and 8 month and 21 days 2014-10-03

Good service

I have used parishuttle on four occasions. I have never had a problem with this company. I only speak as I find. Make sure it is parishuttle, one "S" there are other similar sounding firms. Grey vans, clean, uniformed drivers.

United States Paris Shuttle 5 Marie
Published 9 years and 8 month and 21 days 2014-10-03

fisrt class service

All we had to do was phone from terminal but the van was outside waiting for us anyway.

France Paris Shuttle 5 laurent
Published 9 years and 12 month and 2 days 2014-06-24

Société sérieuse

Réticent à utiliser ce genre de service, j'ai été agréablement surpris par le soucis de bien faire du chauffeur.